Industrial Area of Bolintin-Vale

Following the approval of the General Urban Plan (PUG), the Local Council of Bolintin-Vale set up a 280-hectare industrial area in 2017.

The industrial area of Bolintin-Vale is located within close proximity to Bucharest, the capital of Romania and to the center of Bolintin-Vale (3 km).

The industrial area is positioned just off Highway A1 Bucuresti-Pitesti at km 30 and next to DJ 601 county road.

Relief and climate

The Industrial Area is situated in the northern part of Giurgiu county, about 30 km NW of Bucharest, positioned on the banks of two parallel rivers, Argeş and Sabar.

The relief is lowland, having an altitude of 100 m.

The town’s climate is temperate-continental with transition features, influenced by European atmospheric dynamics.

The annual average temperature range is 10 to 11 °C; 22 to 23 °C in the summer and -2 to -4 °C in the winter. It is worth mentioning that, quite often, temperatures rise up to +30 °C during the summer, and get down to -20 °C during the winter.

The Industrial Area of Bolintin-Vale

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The Industrial Area of Bolintin-Vale has a strategic position, with easy access to the integrated network of transport, to the large and prosperous national business market, as well as to cost-effective business resources.

Infrastructure and facilities

Access to utilities

  • High, medium and low voltage electrical network;
  • Public lighting;
  • Telecommunications and internet;
  • Natural gas network;
  • Internal roads;
  • The possibility of extending the water supply and sewerage networks.

Access to transport infrastructure

  • Direct access to A1 Highway;
  • Direct access to county road DJ 601;
  • The heliport is located right in the industrial area;
  • Easy connection with the railway transport (30 km up to the largest railway station in Romania-Bucuresti Nord and 12 km to Grădinari train station);
  • Easy connection with the air travel (45 km to the largest airport in Romania);
  • Easy connection with sea transport (260 km from the highway to the seaport).
Point of interest Distance Time
Otopeni International Airport 40 km 30 min
North Station/ Gara de Nord (railway transport)

Grădinari Train Station

30 km

12 km

25 min

10 min

Constanța Sea port 260 km 2h 30 min
The centre of Bucharest 30 km 35 min

Construction at competitive prices

  • A cost-effective location for business development, “greenfield” land;
  • The plain area, which does not requires technical complications for constructions;
  • Area with long tradition of builders;
  • Access to raw materials for construction (there are many gravel and concrete stations in the area).

Access to skilled and unskilled workforce

  • The Technological High School in Bolintin-Vale forms over 1700 students in various specializations, at the request of the business environment: real profile (mathematics-informatics and natural sciences), human profile (Philology) and technological specializations (Economic activities, Electrical Installations, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrical, Textiles Garments);
  • Access to specialists trained in university centers from Bucharest, the largest educational center in Romania.

Connectivity to the business environment

  • Proximity to the industrial areas of the region;
  • Proximity to the capital of Romania, where most of the employer’s offices, chambers of commerce, business clubs, centralized public institutions are based;
  • The offices of public institutions of interest are only 3 km from the industrial area in Bolintin-Vale;
  • The main banks of Romania are present in Bolintin-Vale.

The local authority supports the investors

  • Assistance for obtaining permits and approvals;
  • Support for connecting to utilities and transport infrastructure;
  • Facilitating access to the local and national business environment.

Already in the industrial area of Bolintin-Vale

In Bolintin-Vale Industrial Area, there are already 3 large companies: Semmelrock, Corsarul Rosu, Symmerica.

Industrial Area of Bolintin Vale's Presentation Map

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For a detailed presentation and tour of the industrial area.
Mr. Vasile-Emil ŞTEFAN, personal counselor of the mayor, tel. no. 0040728872260, email

About Bolitin-Vale Town

Bolintin-Vale town is the second largest town of Giurgiu county and, also, the second administrative centre of the county.

Bolintin-Vale is a town with a long history, being documented since 1433.

The city is recognized as a regional educational centre and by the guild of builders masons who, in the last century, have worked for many of the world’s countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Iraq, Libya, etc.).

In recent years, the population of Bolintin-Vale is in continuous growth, being now of 14.000 inhabitants. Given its proximity to Romania’s capital city (20km) and, at the same time, the particular geographic location, between waters and forests, residential development is growing rapidly.

Public services

In Bolintin-Vale town are the headquarters of the main decentralized public services:

  • City Hall of Bolintin-Vale;
  • National Agency for Fiscal Administration;
  • State Inspectorate for Constructions;
  • Health Insurance House;
  • Treasury;
  • Prosecutor’s Office;
  • Bolintin-Vale Social Insurance House;
  • County Employment Agency- Bolintin-Vale work place;
  • S. P. C. L. E. P. – Community Local Public Service for the Evidence of Persons Bolintin-Vale;
  • The District Court of Bolintin-Vale.

Offices of emergency services

  • Fire-brigade;
  • Ambulance;
  • The National Police;
  • Gendarmerie;
  • Health services
  • Bolintin-Vale Town Hospital (including maternity and pediatric department);
  • Polyclinics and dispensaries;
  • Multi specialized private clinics.

Education Units

  • Public and private kindergartens;
  • Public secondary schools (1,500 students);
  • “Dimitrie Bolintineanu” Technological High school (1,700 students).

Relaxation and rest

The town is situated between two rivers and is surrounded by forests and lots of green space, which makes it a suitable place for outdoor recreation activities.

Leisure facilities are available in town:

  • Swimming pools;
  • Bowling arena;
  • Bars and restaurant;
  • Proximity to entertainment centers: aqua park (17 km), zoo (40 km), center with thermal waters (45 km).

There are two hotels in town that offer accommodation and facilities for conferences.

Location of the Bolintin-Vale Industrial Area

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For a detailed presentation and tour of the industrial area.
Mr. Vasile-Emil ŞTEFAN, personal counselor of the mayor, tel. no. 0040728872260, email

Bolintin-Vale City Hall

Adresa:           No. 1,  Libertății Street, Bolintin-Vale town, Giurgiu county, România, postal code: 085100
Phone:           0246.271.187
Fax:                0246.270.990

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Primăria Orașului Bolintin-Vale

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